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Crag Caves/Glounsharoon

Posted: April 25, 2018 · By: Dave Elton · Comments: 0

As a Tralee based cyclist there is a mindset to think of Castleisland and flat in the same sentence. After all the N21 is one of the flattest roads leaving the Kerry capital to Castleisland and that particular road is very popular with time trialist and beginner alike. It's after you take a closer look at Castleisland, that you realise the majority of the 7 or 8 roads leaving the town, at some point accommodate some very respectable climbs. To name but a few The Maum, Scartaglin, Cordal, Brosna and Crag Caves or as the locals like to call it [...]

Mount Eagle

Posted: April 23, 2018 · By: Donnacha Clifford · Comments: 0

Mt Eagle has up until very recently existed on my to-do list, for many years in fact. On one sunny spring morning in March 2018 it finally called to me. It is not a very challenging climb by other standards in the county, but it does lure you from the steady-sloped hinterland of Castleisland near Cordal with a gradient of 1 or 2% for the first kilometer or so before the business end of the climb becomes more apparent with grassy roads and brown boggy landscape replacing the more manicured ditches before. Name Distance Avg. [...]

Tales from the Canal Bank

Posted: November 29, 2016 · By: Dave Elton · Comments: 0

The Tralee Ship Canal-Walk-Cycle-Jog As winter sets in the urge to get out and about on either the bike or into the mountains becomes a bit more of a chore. The cold weather be it fog, ice, snow, wind and rain are all conditions that can persuade even the hardiest of cyclist or walker to stay by the fire side for the duration of the winter months and re-appear in the spring. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong in that, it does seem a shame to lose the fitness levels that we may have gained from an adventure packed summer of cycling, [...]

The Maum

Posted: July 14, 2010 · By: Donnacha Clifford · Comments: 0

This gruelling climb is infamous to cyclists throughout the county and is a challenge to even the most battle hardened. It is a category 1 climb that has been involved in many a Rás Tailteann and FBD Milk Rás throughout the entire history of the event. It is relatively short witth it's summit being only approx 2 and a half miles (nearly 5 K) from Castleisland. [...]

Short Mountain

Posted: March 8, 2010 · By: Donnacha Clifford · Comments: 3

A climb of legends and only braved by those who have excess energy or lacking in common sense, Short Mountain leaves the body tired but feeling accomplished. There are two options on thic climb, to ascend via the Castlemaine or the Tralee Side. The Castlemaine side is shorter but a wall which will pound the heart and weaken the body considerably. The ascent from Tralee is more manageable but should not be disregarded, it is tough. [...]