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Malin to Mizen Day 0: A Head Start

Posted: May 11, 2010 · By: Donnacha Clifford · Comments: 0

Finally the day arrived when the alarm clock woke me at 5am to get ready to get on a bus for the most northerly point in Ireland, Malin Head. The bus journey was long with brief stops in Sligo and just outside Bundoran, Co Donegal. Knowing that the bus journey was long and going to deaden our legs it was decided shortly before the trip to do the first 25 or so miles on that evening and cycle to Buncrana. This meant that we would get an opportunity to stretch our legs that evening as well as getting a good head start on the trip and shorten the road [...]

Malin to Mizen: Apr/May 2010

Posted: January 5, 2010 · By: Donnacha Clifford · Comments: 0

I will be cycling from Malin to Mizen beginning April 29th. Over five days, the proposed route is: Day 1: Malin Head to Bundoran Day 2: Bundoran to Athlone Day 3: Athlone to Limerick Day 4: Limerick to Killarney Day 5: Killarney to Mizen Head Click here to browse to the dedicated area of the site to this chellenge which will include detailed info on routes, preperation and updates. [...]