30 Days and 30 Cycles: Day 30 – The Last Day

Posted: July 10, 2011 · By: Donnacha Clifford · Comments: 0
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The last day of this challenge and finished it off with an 18 mile cycle around Ardfert,Barrow, Fenit and back to Tralee via The Spa.

Can’t believe that the challenge is now done but I’m seriously looking forward to putting the feet up tomorrow to watch stage 9 of the Tour de France. I did find the challenge manageable but for some events that I should have been fresher I did find the legs tired which was understandable but at least a good few recovery spins before the Ring of Kerry meant that I was fresh for that. Found that it is achievable to cycle every day but probably not practical to do in the long term.

Ended up with doing 633 Miles over the 30 days with a total cycling time of 38 hours 20 minutes averaging roughly 16.5 miles per hour over the entire mileage and averaged 21 miles per day. Not bad for an old man :)

Now for some well needed bike cleaning …

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