Blowing away the Xmas calories

Posted: December 27, 2014 · By: Dave Elton · Comments: 0
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All about getting out and back into it!

Road to Churchill
It’s that time of the year when, dare I say, the average person has been dubbed into thinking that Christmas isn’t Christmas unless they’ve eaten enough calories  to keep the whole of Lusaka burping into the New Year. Then come January our corporate big brother slaps us on the wrist and tells us the way to go is via weight watchers, 2 kg dumb bells, big rubber balls, skipping ropes and a list of gym membership offers, that would keep a young Arnold Schwartenegger drooling until June.

Well people isn’t it time to fight back and take the bull by the horns? There is that feeling we all get. New Year new start, new me etc. That’s great, but does the answer have to lie with the retailers throwing the feel good factors at us with their cheap gimmicks? For most of us the answer to shedding the pounds lies in the shed or in the wardrobe. Quite simply get out there and do it!Barrow Harbour

Dust down the bike! It doesn’t have to be about a top of the range racer and doing 100 km in 3 hrs. Half an hour out in the fresh air on a road worthy bike will do just as well. Failing that get out the old pair of runners or walking shoes and go and do a leisurely walk. Your heart will thank you for it, who knows you might even enjoy it! As they say: “It doesn’t matter how slow you are. You are lapping the guys on the sofa.”

So for my own piece of the action today. It took me out on a routine spin to Ardfert with a stiff head wind early on. Left at the village and direction Barrow, follow the harbour and through a hail storm. Up to Churchill and down the steep hill to Fenit. Heading past Barrow Harbour on my right was nice. The castle in the distance and just myself and a few hundred Brent geese.
Brent geese at Barrow
Once at Fenit it was a nice cycle back to Tralee with the wind at my back and the sea on my right hand-side. Just the tonic!

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