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Cycles through Kerry

Gently does it for the New Year!

Posted: January 10, 2015 · By: Dave Elton · Comments: 0

The Jimmy Duffy and some North Kerry Villages. I for one didn't escape the colds and flu plaguing the good citizens of County Kerry this winter, so my New Years cycling and walking exploits got off to a slow start. Throw into the equation the fact that the weather is starting to finally act like winter, motivation is the key here in Ireland at the moment. [...]

Blowing away the Xmas calories

Posted: December 27, 2014 · By: Dave Elton · Comments: 0

All about getting out and back into it! It's that time of the year when, dare I say, the average person has been dubbed into thinking that Christmas isn't Christmas unless they've eaten enough calories  to keep the whole of Lusaka burping into the New Year. Then come January our corporate big brother slaps us on the wrist and tells us the way to go is via weight watchers, 2 kg dumb bells, big rubber balls, skipping ropes and a list of gym membership offers, that would keep a young Arnold Schwartenegger drooling until June. [...]

The Pre-Christmas Spin

Posted: December 22, 2014 · By: Dave Elton · Comments: 0

Not to many willing participants, but we make the most of it. With this being the last weekend before Christmas and various club members tied up with this, that and the other, a total of 6 braved a "relaxed" spin out to Castleisland. With the promise of a coffee and mince pie in the excellent "Country Kitchen" how could we not go for it? Although having missed the last 2 Saturdays through different things and in all honesty doing very little cycling wise over the last fortnight, I was determined a fortnight wasn't going to become a month. It's [...]

Another mild winter spin

Posted: December 1, 2014 · By: Dave Elton · Comments: 0

Tralee-Killarney-Listry-Milltown-Castlemaine-Tralee The Nitty Gritty: Route: Tralee-Killarney-Listry-Milltown-Castlemaine-Tralee Distance: 78km Height gain: 510 metres Difficulty: 5/10 Details: Cycling out to Killarney on the N 22 isn't always our groups favourite route. It's a busy road at times and quite predictable but for a diverse group we worked it very well together. With a few regulars missing, one new rider and two or three coming into the fray after a few weeks out, I was fearing a difficult day for the group. But we [...]

Flat as a pancake, well almost !

Posted: November 27, 2014 · By: Dave Elton · Comments: 0

Tralee-Ardfert-Line Rd-Lerrig-Ardfert-Tralee The Nitty Gritty: Route: Tralee-Ardfert-Line Rd-Lerrig-Ardfert-Tralee Distance: 40km Height gain: 191 metres Difficulty: 3/10 Details: Considering we're closing in on December, we've been very fortunate with the weather so far this winter in Kerry. Today was no exception with dry roads, a clearing sky, 8-9 degrees with the only inconvenience and strong SE wind that did in fairness blow us to Ballyheigue. So just 3 of us out today for our moderate morning spin. The roads were fairly [...]