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Situated on the Sneem side of Waterville on the Ring of Kerry route the climb of Coomaciste is a nice steady climb that offers magnificient views of Kerry and the Atlantic ocean. This climb is reviewed from the Waterville approach going i.e. as if going anti clock wise around the Ring of Kerry which is the traditional cycling approach.

The climb begins almost immediately after leaving the beautiful fishing town of Waterville and after a short period of ups and downs the steady incline gradually takes over. The roads meander and wind for the duration of the climb but in reality offer nothing in the way of hard work. Once a steady approach is taken this climb is very maneagable. There is a church about 3/4 up the climb which can fool you into thinking that you are near the summit but don’t let it fool you for too long as you have more work to do. A view like the following awaits you when you reach the top.

View from Coomaciste

View from Coomaciste

View from Coomaciste

View from Coomaciste


Distance: 4.6 Miles, 7.3 K
Height: 689 ft
Max Gradient: 11.2 %


KerryCyclist View:

I have to say I love this climb and traditionally cycle it at least one a year as part of the annual Ring of Kerry cycle that takes place on the first saturday of every July. As it is normally the mid way point on thie event I am normally coasting and not exerting too much energy, but on the occassions that I have tested this climb it has hurted.

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