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This 14 Miles/22 K route is probably the most famous cycling route to anyone who has cycled in Currow, especially seeing as it is the route for the John Drumm Cup race held in June annually. It is known as being a very tough route with combinations of short and sharp climbs as well as fast descents and rolling roads.

This cycle leaves Currow village and heads past the church in the direction of Killeentierna and Scartaglin. Most of this road is rolling with only one or two minor short climbs to worry about which your momentum from the flats should get you up easily. Turning left at Buckley’s shop with 5 miles (8 K) done you find a very fast corner and an immediate sweeping descent which can lead you into a false sense of security given the fact that the road up ahead to Scartaglin has approx 150ft of climbing in less that an mile which can reduce your speed dramatically for the first time in this cycle.

Reaching Scartaglin, turn left onto the main road. This road is very fast and is very rolling. For most of the next 4 miles (6.5 k) bringing you into the town of Castleisland you are descending and can either enjoy the ability to freewheel and cruise after your previous effort or take advantage of the road and reach fairly high speeds. Turn left in Castleisland and follow the signs for Farranfore. This road is again flat however can be heavy in traffic at times so be careful and mindful of other road users. After 12 miles (19 K) there is a turn to the left for Currow and there is one more effort to go as there is a sharp climb which is very short but can test the legs. There follows a lovely descent back into Currow again.

If you are adventurous or in serious training, try doing this one more than once. There are other options to extend this cycle with one being cycling to Farranfore instead of turning left for Currow at Lisheenbawn Cross. This adds approx 6 Miles (10 K) to the cycle.


Distance: 14.2 miles, 23 K
Elevation: + 800 / – 800 ft
Max Gradient: 13.8 %


KerryCyclist View:

I earned the right to call myself a cyclist on this one. It was really where I learned the ability to suffer and ride in a group. This route has everything that a cycist needs to train well. I remember cyclists in the John Drumm Cup race previously saying that this route would be a contender for a nationals circuit, I would have to agree with them.

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