#FitforFeb first week.

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One week down three to go!

So that’s the first week of my #fitforfeb exercise down. For all of February the idea is to get out and do either a minimum 25 km cycle or an 8 km walk.

The 7 days have panned out with a total of 4 days cycling and 3 days of walks. The 4 cycles have taken me 193 km in total with the 3 walks adding up to 32.5 km and included in that was the steep and snowy Caherconree Mountain.

After the first week my thighs are killing me and I’m coming down with a cold.
Canal, Cockershell and Spa (2)
It doesn’t sound great, but actually it was a very memorable week. The weather has been cold but perfect for the time of year. Very little wind and very dry.

The cycles have taken me along well trodden routes, to the likes of Fenit and Ardfert. The on to  the less familiar Currow  and the “Kerry Woollen Mills,” which was finally conquered on Saturday.
Caherconree Feb 15 (26)
The highlight of the week had to be the jaunt up Caherconree near Camp. Perfect conditions, hardly a puff of wind and my first time experience of snow on top of a mountain in my life time. Add to that a nice 16 km out along Tralee Bay to Spa, the walks have been nice.

I’ve also used 2 of the walking days to get things done. Meetings, shopping and even a ukulele gig in a local hotel. If you can use an exercise routine to tie in with your work or messages, then why not go for it?
2015-02-07 Killarney Woollen Mills (2)
So as I mentioned earlier, the legacy from week 1 is painful thighs. This is due without doubt to the steep climb and decent of Caherconree and the start of a head cold (caught from my wife)!

Roll on next week then. If the 2nd week is anyway near as good as the 1st week in Feb then I can’t wait!

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