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A week of 2 halves!

Caherconree 20feb15 (21)
The 3rd week started out very sluggish, with Sunday being an awful day of constant rain. When it finally dawned on me it wasn’t going to stop, it was all about using up the final hours of day light and trotting around for 8 km until I could embrace the sanctuary of a warm house.
Caherconree 20feb15 (20)
Though dry, Monday was very windy and the normal easy going cycling spin out to Fenit, which normally would be my bread and butter, took on something that felt like the tail end of a 200 km audax.

As the week wore on then so my energy returned with a brisk morning trot around Tralee and a couple of cycles, all be it the one out to Castleisland gave me the soaking of my life.

The anti was upped with a walk up Caherconree on Friday. This walk from a terrain perspective is quite steep and always leaves my thighs in agony for a few days afterwards. I’m not used to or even a great descender from these steep climbs. The weather gave us a sharp reminder of the time of year, with a blizzard for 10 minutes interrupting our tea break.

River Lee walk way

Finally the curtain came down on week 3 with a Chain Gang CC club spin out to Annascaul and Inch. This route is named locally as the Lacey Cup route, after the race which takes place in late February every year. The cycle was very doable, but I was more than happy to see Tralee at the end of the 75 km.

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