Fitness Levels

Here is our guide to fitness levels that we use to grade some of our cycling routes as suggested on this site. Please note that this is not an exact thing, more of a rough guide of where you should be at. Please use your own discretion for judging your ability and as Clint Eastwood advises (I’m sure he meant this to apply to the fairer sex too):

A man’s got to know his limitations

  • Level 1: I am not used to any cycling or exercise at all.
  • Level 2: I go for the occasional cycle.
  • Level 3: I cycle regularly on flat terrain.
  • Level 4: I cycle regularly including mountainous terrain.
  • Level 5: I cycle regularly on varied terrain and take part in many cycling events per year.

If you are struggling to judge how difficult a route looks, please note it’s distance and elevation grade. That will give a good hint as to the effort that will be involved. If you have any questions or concerns about the level of difficulty of a route, feel free to reach out.