Flat as a pancake, well almost !

Posted: November 27, 2014 · By: Dave Elton · Comments: 0
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Tralee-Ardfert-Line Rd-Lerrig-Ardfert-Tralee

The Nitty Gritty:
Downtown Lerrig
Route: Tralee-Ardfert-Line Rd-Lerrig-Ardfert-Tralee

Distance: 40km

Height gain: 191 metres

Difficulty: 3/10

Details: Considering we’re closing in on December, we’ve been very fortunate with the weather so far this winter in Kerry. Today was no exception with dry roads, a clearing sky, 8-9 degrees with the only inconvenience and strong SE wind that did in fairness blow us to Ballyheigue.
Banna West
So just 3 of us out today for our moderate morning spin. The roads were fairly quiet and we made good time to Ballyheigue with the wind at our backs. Just before entering Ballyheigue we took a right turn and on the “Line Road” which is just that. A straight line. In Kerry this area is quite unique and actually resembles a part of the Netherlands. Long road, flat open fields and very few tree’s and hedges. Sadly the quality of the road didn’t always match our European cousins.
Line Road
After a quick chat and a break just outside Causeway we set off back towards Tralee with a more twisting road but helped now by the better surface and high hedges sheltering us from the southerly wind.
Ardfert Cathederal
The road meanders back into Ardfert offering nice views of the Cathedral, but be warned! as you pass the gaelic grounds the road takes a wicked kick and a twist to the right. Be prepared!

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