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Gleannsharoon is situated just outside of Castleisland and is very short at only one mile. However it does provide a considerable challenge and climbing rougly 500ft in under a mile only means that the gradient is quite steep, averaging 11.5 %.

Start at the Library at the top of Castleisland town and head northwards following the signposts for Crag Cave. After a few hundred yards the climb is in sight. The summit of the climb will lead you out onto the main Limerick road and will provide you with fantastic views of Castleisland and it’s surrounding area.

View of Castleisland from Gleannsharoon

View of Castleisland from Gleannsharoon


Distance: 1.2 Miles, 1.9 K
Height: 715 ft
Max Gradient: 11.5 %


KerryCyclist View:

I got to this one in 2009 for the first time in a few years but my memories of torture and pulling on handlebars were only reassured as soon as I began the ascent out of Castleisland. This climb seems to demand all of the muscles in the body. It it an absolute wall. Don’t try this one without a well oiled chain.

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