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Posted: January 18, 2016 · By: Dave Elton · Comments: 0
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Certainly over the last couple of months the cyclist has gotten a bit of a raw deal from mother nature. What with the likes of Barney, Desmond, Frank and a whole host of their relatives queueing up in the Atlantic to give us a pounding, we’ve had to wait patiently by the fire side for a break in this relentless wet and windy weather.

One such break occurred today in Kerry and a 100 hardy souls took to the Blennerville to Castleisland road and made the most of the winter sunshine and light breeze to cycle the annual Jimmy Duffy cycle.

The thing I like about this cycle is that it’s a great leveler. It’s a relatively short cycle, takes place in early January, so we have a lovely mix of cyclists. From teenager to pensioner, racer to leisure cyclist. This year there was a nice feel good factor to the whole event. Lots of hand shakes and back slapping before hand as the “athletes renewed acquaintance for 2016.

As  per normal the ride was well organised with a nice steady lead vehicle taking us to Castleisland, as well as the sterling job done by the Guards and the marshalls, who saw us safely through the tricky areas of Tralee and Castleisland.

After a 10 minute pit stop in Castleisland everyone took to their bikes and cycled at their own pace back to Blennerville. The party continued in Skelper Quannes pub with hot drinks and hot food to help put back those lost calories!

The beauty of this cycle is that it kick starts the new year for those who are looking for that kind incentive. I may add that it’s a nice easy uncomplicated event, that ticks all the boxes.

Well done to Maurice, Mono, George and all the gang!

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