Kerry Climbs

There is very little chance of doing a lot of cycling in County Kerry without noticing many of the hills around you as you pedal. You might be the type of person who is happy to gaze at them from a safe distance or you might wonder just like us here and say

Wow, what would it be like to cycle up there?

On this section of our we hope to provide you with some encouragement and details of these climbs and take it from us that reaching their summits is not without reward including a huge sense of accomplishment, views beyond reproach and a very pleasant descent on the other side.

Here are some of our most favourite climbs that we recommend in no particular order (Click on table headings to sort by various climb details):

Name Closest town Distance Avg. Gradient Elevation Difference Category
Crag Cave/Glounsharoon Castleisland 1.40km 10% 142m 4
Mount Eagle Castleisland 4.93km 6% 300m 3
The Maum Castleisland 2.36km 8% 190m 3
Farmers Bridge (S-N) Tralee 3.14km 5% 163m 3
Short Mountain (N-S) Tralee 3.95km 7% 293m 3
Short Mountain (S-N) Tralee 3.82km 8% 316m 3