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Caherconree Feb 15 (36)

Welcome to 2016…

Well another year has flown by and a new one has just begun….

In hindsight 2015 was a good year for us at Kerrycycling. First and foremost we kick started the website back into action. Firstly with the coming together of Pushbikeblogger and Kerrycyclist giving the site an extra pair of hands. Then we gave the site a fresh lick of paint and added a bit more content. Something like Kerrycycling is an ongoing process. Although far from finished, we’re moving in the right direction.

Looking forward

Our main focus now is to keep adding content to the site, as well as  focusing on a new project  we have undertaken, which will take us well in to next autumn. All will be revealed in time!!

From a cycling and even hiking perspective the final 6 weeks of the year were a disaster. Heavy rain and strong winds dominating the weather in this corner of Ireland. It made the outdoors anything from uncomfortable to outright dangerous. Lets hope we can ease our way into 2016 in somewhat decent conditions.

First sportive of the year

Talking of easing our way back into things. Locally the cycling calender begins next Saturday in Blennerville with the Jimmy Duffy Memorial Cycle. A nice relaxed and well organised spin out to Castleisland and back. Lets hope all goes well and we have a decent day for it.

New YouTube video released!

Finally we moved into the video making industry and set up a you-tube page. Basically it’s just under 6 minutes of pictures with Blackmore’s Night playing the background music. Hope you enjoy it. Happy New Year!

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