Mid-Kerry at it’s best

Posted: February 17, 2015 · By: Donnacha Clifford · Comments: 0
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A sunny Saturday February morning with a 100K cycle on my mind. I was just out of the restraints of a chest infection and for this reason I decided to try and stay away from the hills which is not too easy being based in Tralee. The decision was to head in the direction of mid-Kerry which offers a beautiful array of route options with some lovely quite roads that are not too busy with traffic. The morning was idyllic for cycling, very calm and almost spring-like with a slight lingering chill, not time for exposing too much skin to the world yet.

Leaving Tralee mid-morning I headed out the main road towards Castleisland, only a few ks into the cycle and already I had met several cyclists from the winter excess battlers to the local amateur racers sharpening their knives for the first major local race of the year which was to be on the following weekend. My own mission was somewhere in the middle. I left the main road and turned off for Gortatlae then onwards towards Castlemaine through Ballyfinnane, all rolling roads with lovely sunlight views of the Sliabh Mish Mountains on my right hand side. A welcome coffee (and bun) break in Killorglin later, I came back into near Killarney through Beaufort, a road that I hadn’t cycled in quite some time which bought back memories of many underage races that were staged here in the late 90s. The road from Killorglin into Beaufort has beautiful views of the McGillicuddy Reeks to the right which today were clearly visible and still snow-capped.


Not a bad start to the weekend

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This route was definitely striking the balance between enjoying the views without too much effort to achieve it, all mostly flat with some minor rolling rises to this point. I then turned left at the Golden Nugget in Fossa and headed back in the direction of Firies through Ballyhar. There didn’t feel like there was any breeze all day however it still felt like there was something pushing me towards home and this stretch of road seemed to pass quite quickly; possibly it was the caffeine kicking in or just the sheer enjoyment of a sunny day of the bike.  I came back into Tralee through Farranfore with my goal of 100K achieved. It was a very worthy route for anyone wishing to experience a lot of what the county has to offer in mid-kerry without having to do much work, excellent value.

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