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Did this one on one of the warmest days in 2009 in preperation for a series of Sportive events, I needed some mileage and no better way than to head off and follow this route. This route leaves Tralee and takes in the towns/villages of Castlemaine, Milltown, Killarney, Barraduff, Scartaglin, Castleisland before returning to Tralee.

Leaving Tralee, head towards Castlemaine and head up Tralee Mountain and into the first climb of the day reaching 635 ft and desscent into Castlemaine with about 10 miles done. Head in the direction of Milltown. There are options here to either head in the direction of Killorglin or head straight on in Milltown out by Faha which is a shortcut but allowable on this day day given the miles to come. This road brings you out into the main Killarney/Killorglin road , head left and you will reach Killarney with a total of 21 miles done.

Continue straight on at the roundabout in Killarney and onto the bypass road and take the Macroom/Cork road out of Killarney. After approx another 5 miles, there is a roundabout with a left turn for Barraduff and take it. This road will bring you into the village of Barraduff with a total of 31 miles done so far. At this stage in the village there is a signposted left turn for Scartaglin which will lead you onto a norrow road, watch out for the surface on this road, it can be patchy in place but not for too far. It is in this area that there is potential to get lost given the abundance of crossroads with no signposts. Try to imagine yourself coming from barraduff and that scartaglin is straight on, there may be a left turn and right turn involved in staying straight on but you should reach Scartaglin eventually. Having said that I took a wrong turn somewhere here and ended up in Gneeveguilla which I reckon added about 7 miles to the Journey. From Scartaglin, the road is straihtforward and rolling into Castleisland and further into Tralee.


Distance: 57 miles, 91 K
Elevation: + 2754 / – 2750 ft
Max Gradient: 12.1 %


KerryCyclist View:

On this one, would leave until April or afterwards as alot of the roads can be a testing, particularly from Barraduff to Scartaglin as a base fitness will get you as far as Baraduff but the real cycle starts there. Watch out for hidden hills on these roads. Oh and finally, enjoy!

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