Molls Gap

Posted: December 29, 2009 · By: Donnacha Clifford · Comments: 5
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Situated between Kenmare and Killarney, Molls Gap is one of the most famous climbs in Ireland and well renound in both cycling and car rallying terms. This 6.3 Mile/ 10 K climb reaches a summit of 860 ft and the summit offers a scenic view of the Black valley and futher down when descending into Killarney there is an opportunity to experience Ladies View, which is a viewing point where the lakes of Killarney and their surrounds can be seen.

Ladies View

Ladies View

The climb begins with a slow gradual incline immediately after leaving the town of Kenmare and gradually gets steeper as the climb progresses. About half way into the climb the ditches give way to a clearer view of the landscape which can be daunting as the summit seems to be a long way away in the distance, it can also be motivating however and allow you to focus on where you need to get to. There is a great satisfaction element to reaching the summit of this climb where a rest is always welcome however be aware that more energy is needed as the descent into Killarney is quite technical and all of your wits will be needed.


Distance: 6.3 Miles, 10 K
Height: 860 ft
Max Gradient: 9.4 %


KerryCyclist View:

I have had good days on this climb but an equal amount of bad days. The climb on paper doesn’t seem that steep but doesn’t offer little in the way of rest and the gradient only seems to get worse with each pedal stroke.

Molls Gap: 5 Comments
  • Evan
    8 years ago

    This climb is a piece of cake in comparison with climbs such as Sally gap or wicklow gap in wicklow. The views are stunning but I challenge anyone to beat the view over Lough Tay in Wicklow which is never mentioned in Guide Books.

  • Joe Doherty
    6 years ago

    This climb was allot easier than I expected. Its pretty long but no read gradient ti speak of. Try Mamore gap,Donegal if you want a real climb.

  • Donnacha Clifford
    6 years ago

    I’m glad you found it easy Joe!

  • John McElroy
    4 years ago

    Haven’t cycled this climb yet. But will give it a go in July. However I have cycled Hardknotts Pass in the lake district and that was harder than any climb I have done in Ireland.

  • Donnacha Clifford
    4 years ago

    Hi John. I haven’t heard of that climb in the Lake District but looking at the stats if you managed that then Molls Gap will be a breeze for you! All the best for July, D.

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