Revisiting an old friend, twice!

Posted: May 9, 2015 · By: Donnacha Clifford · Comments: 0
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Looking back at my records it was last Summer since I cycled the Conor Pass. I guess the time to visit the old girl had come around again and as it turned it out we ended up going back home the same way again which meant I got to climb it from both sides today. I’ve had little in the way of distance cycling over the past number of weeks for a number of reasons but a break in what has been a bad few days of weather left no excuse this morning!

I set off this morning with the Chain Gang at the usual time of 9am. The first leg to Dingle was very well paced as we were all anticipating a tough climb. We reached the bottom of the pass in good nick and continued the steady pace throughout rolling over the top and down into Dingle for a well deserved coffee stop after 50K. We stopped at Deirdre’s cafe, my first time there and great value for money as big mug of cappuccino and a fruit (currendy) scone costing just €5.

The debate began then about what way to head home. We ended up settling on the same way that we arrived as the wind would be at our backs and also we would get the benefit of more climbing training. It was then that my lack of recent spins started to show as my legs started to get tired on second climb of the Conor Pass that day, this time the S-N approach. I got there after a slog and what felt like two-arm wrestle with my handlebars and we rolled home back to Tralee. 100k in the legs today and 2 good climbs. Two sore legs is a reminder to me to visit my ‘friends’ more often or else they’ll hurt you!

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