Ring of Kerry Training: May Update

Posted: May 4, 2011 · By: Donnacha Clifford · Comments: 2
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Apologies for the lack of regular updates on this recently but I hope that the good weather has been enough of an incentive to get you out on the bike as much as possible. By this stage I hope you are used to regular spins on the bike and beginning to feel that little bit stronger and more confident with each spin. It is now May with approximately 8 training weeks left until the Ring of Kerry. Depending on your progress to date these weeks could be the most important in your training in ensuring that you enjoy yourself on the day.

At this stage I would encourage you to be out on the bike on average 3 – 4 times per week with varied distances and routes for each cycle. One of these cycles should be a 2-4 hour spin at a moderate and consistent pace. This is probably the most important cycle of the week and it is where you will become accustomed to longer cycles. The route on this should be of varied terrain with some climbing and these climbs should be approached at a steady pace.

The other cycles during the week should be 1 – 2 hour cycles and how you approach these is up to yourself. They are a good opportunity to work on your speed and climbing abilities by focusing the training sessions on short and fast sessions or they can be simply opportunities to spin your legs.

Ring of Kerry Training: May Update: 2 Comments
  • mark quilligan
    11 years ago

    ive only got into propper cycling in the last 3 weeks to date my longest cycle has only been 61km with an average speed 22km/h took 2h 25mins didnt have a lot of energy towards the end needed something to eat but i think i could of done it again after a break there was two big climbs and to be fair took a lot out of me, do you think it would be wise for me to tackle the ring of kerry, i have a 150km cycle planed for saturday. any tips or advice

  • The Kerry Cyclist
    11 years ago

    Hi Mark, Thanks for getting in touch and great to hear you are out on the bike. It really depends on your fitness to start with. However if you were able to handle 61K with enough energy to do some more after then that is not a bad start. A 150 Km cycle is an ambitious cycle so soon. I would suggest you do a 120-130K cycle at a consistent and comfortable pace, making sure to eat and stay hydrated properly and judge yourself how you get on. If you find you are able for that then you should be fine on the day. Best of luck! Donnacha

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