Slea Head on a Spring Day

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Some free time and a welcome spell of fine spring weather can only mean one question… Where will I cycle? It’s been a while since I visited Slea Head and I figured that it would be a good opportunity to revitalize after a winter of very little cycling for one reason of another. I wasn’t wrong. The day was a little cool but otherwise flawless with a gentle breeze and blue sky in all directions.

This spin was an exploration for me as I wanted to reimagine what that route was like with fresh eyes. I brought my camera and with every effort to let the concept of time behind me I set off from Dingle with adventure and curiosity on my mind. What little wind was there was kind to me for the first half but it was not that strong to make a difference. Slea Head in February was a quiet place with traffic to a minimum and only the rare visitor who were easily spotted in their shiny metro cars with D registration numbers.

Heading out from Dingle I left in the traditional clockwise direction out towards Ventry and further on towards the Dún Chaoin where the Atlantic views opened up before my eyes, this section of road is definitely my highlight of the cycle…

The #cinelli on tour

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Turning the corner at Coumeenoole and in the direction of Ballyferriter also offered amazing views with a slight hint of cloud covering over Mount Brandon…

View over #ballyferriter #sleahead #kerrycycling

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A rookie mistake of not bringing any food or money for a quick cafe stop (will I ever learn?) meant that I did not travel to Murreagh and Feohanagh as planned but instead continued on the shortened Slea Head Drive route and over the Lateeve Climb before a quick descent back into Dingle. A condensed second half, sounds like a great excuse for a return visit…

I took every opportunity on this cycle to keep an eye on signposts and veer slightly off the main road when the mood struck and the highlights of this effort meant that I had a magnificent views including looking over Dingle from across the Harbour, taking a small break at Ventry Beach as well as cycling up and down the ramp at Coumeenoole Beach, a small effort for very big rewards and something that I intend to continue for the year ahead.

Happy Cycling…

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