Slea Head

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This 46 Kilometer route is simply spectacular. It leaves Dingle and heads west out the Dingle Peninsula with views beyond compare and a route that is perfect for cycling on any type of bike. The road can be narrow at times but the surface is mostly in good condition.

Leaving Dingle Town head westward following sign’s for Ventry. Ventry is a small village roughly 8K from Dingle made most famous in recent times for Páidi Ó Sé’s pub which has had many a famous vistor since it opened in 1985. The last time I cycled pass this it was too tempting not to go in, it was a cold day and the fire was on and the craic was mightly. Be warned!

When you reach the 12K mark is in my opinion where the beauty of Slea Head begins to unfold. This is where you meet the atlantic coastline and the most westerly point in Ireland. There is a lovely ford crossing the road at this point which is nice to look at but be be dangerous to cross so be careful. It is probably only 2 meters long. Look out for Coomenole Beach along this coastline which was used in the filming of Ryan’s Daughter.

Slea Head Coastline

Slea Head Coastline

Alot of the road can be quite undulating at this point and there is alot of ups and downs as you can see from the below gradient cross section but there is nothing here that will hurt you too much.Travelling along from Coomenole beach the road continues downhill mostly until Ballyferriter (30 K done) which is a lovely village. There are many opportunities here to stop and enjoy some local hospitality, again I’ll leave that up to you!

Enjoy the rest at Ballyferriter because the hilliest section of the day is approximately 2 K outside of it when heading back in the direction of Dingle. This climb is steady but does continue for approx 3 K. Once this is completed though it’s mostly a freewheel for the last 6K into Dingle.

Some images of Slea Head can be found here.


Distance: 46 Kilometers
Elevation: + 654 / – 652 m
Max Gradient: 22.4 %

KerryCyclist View:

An absolute gorgeous spin and one that I do wish I got around to more often. This can be quite a challenge on a blustery day so do keep that in mind but one that is very har to beat.

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