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How to cycle in the rain

Posted: November 10, 2010 · By: Donnacha Clifford · Comments: 0

Even though you might describe yourself as a "fine-weather-cyclist", I'm sure you get caught in the rain from time to time like I do. A recent 3 hour spin in mostly rainy weather prompted me to write this as it can take a bit of experience to be able to cycle in the rain and keeping warm and safe and this was very noticable as lacking in some of the people I was cycling with. [...]

2010: The Preview

Posted: January 4, 2010 · By: Donnacha Clifford · Comments: 0

4 days into the new year and no miles yet to show for it. Being inside from the ice and snow and looking out makes me think about the year ahead and all that I want to achieve. My goals this year are many and are as follows: Cycle at least 3000 miles. Complete all the sportives I did last year and try to get more in. Lose weight Complete the Malin to Mizen Cycle planned for April-May 2010 Cycle the Ring of Kerry on my mountain bike. Make KerryCycling.com the website I want it to be [...]