The Mahareehan experience.

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Tuesday night in the Maharees.

Maherees beach


There are many ways to describe life. For me at the moment it’s like a game of “Snakes and Ladders.” The last few weeks I’ve landed on of those horizontal hissers that takes me from 68 and back down to 42. So a set back, a feeling of being in a rut, but certainly not out the game.

Given this I was kind of hoping that the “Walking Gods” would look at my case with a hint of sympathy. I have been trying to get into their good books this week after all, with 3 walks in as many days. It seems these heavenly balls of energy have a sense of humour. Approximately 30 of their desciples where guided to the Spar shop in Castlegregory. Led by our earthly comander…. walking High Priest Johnny Hoare! we set off in a Northerly direction onto the Land spit, The Maharees.

Maharees beach


Earlier in the evening it had rained quite heavily, so I was taking no chances, with double water proofs on top and water proof trousers, they also came in quite handy against the biting cold. Throw in a hat, hood, thick gloves and 2 pairs of socks I was ready for anything the Gods could throw at me.

To actually descibe this walk is not easy. The reason being it was a very dark night, the wind was howling quite loud and there was certain parts where you had to watch your footing. The Maherees is a wonderful place. With lots of beaches, it’s probably the best place in Kerry for water sports, very scenic, plenty of wild life and good food and drink. This night though could best be described as an experience of spending a night alone in the Albert Hall with the lights out. A completely different experience to a packed Saturday night enjoying Last Night of the Proms or Eric Clapton’s latest version of Layla!

Maharees grotto

Inspiration from the Gods

In general the terrain varied from beach, to road, pathways, sand dunes, pebbles and large rocks. The weather threw at us a cold wind which both helped and hindered, hail, snow and a little rain. The views were of the the star lit heavens and the far away lights of the towns and villages of Fenit, Ballyheigue, Camp and Cloghane. The snack break was set around the deserted Spillanes bar in Fahamore at the very North. A sandwich, a sit down and a hot tea made things bearable.

From an enjoyment perspective I have to give this a 2/10 and that’s being generous. But these walks are not only about enjoyment. The experience was a high 9/10 and the “am I glad I did it?” marks in at 10/10.

So finally a big thank you to the 2 Johns who lead and swept this expedition (no mean task) and not forgetting the company of my fellow brave walking allies.




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