The Secret side to Kerry

Posted: May 19, 2015 · By: Dave Elton · Comments: 0
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Certainly from Tralee, many of our club spins can have a predicable or at least a well trodden path attached to them, so a trip out East and beyond Castleisland and Scartaglin has a similar feeling to that possibly experienced by Voyager, hurtling beyond Mars and into the relative unknown of the Solar System.

Thankfully we do have a bit more experience of this area than Voyager would of Pluto, but certainly the direction of the weekend’s route was new to me.IMG_0668

Tralee to Castleisland is straight forward enough as is the narrower R 577 which will eventually leads you into the Rebel County of Cork. The hill up to Scartaglin is always challenging, but the fun starts beyond Scart with a right turn to the eloquently named Gueevegullia.

With the road narrowing and following a branch of the River Flesk, the tarmac takes on a fun and unexpected pattern of bends and enough up’s and down’s to keep a fairground fanatic more than happy for the day.IMG_0673

Gueevegullia is an average size village with it’s share of pubs, church, football ground and local store. It’s passed through within minutes and the up’s and down’s continue all the way to the N 72. We took a left and enjoyed a well deserved break in the “long” village of Rathmore.IMG_0677

The return trip to Tralee had us taking the most direct route to Killarney on the busy N 72. 12 miles of just getting from A to B I’m afraid! Beyond Killarney we took the back road up the wonderfully named “Madam’s Hill” and back on the quieter (and hillier) country roads through Ballyhar, Firies and Ballyfinnane, which is just as much fun as the twists and turns of Gueevegullia country.

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