Typical Winter training spin

Posted: November 21, 2014 · By: Dave Elton · Comments: 0
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The Nitty Gritty:

Route: Tralee-Castleisland-Tralee

Distance: 48km

Height gain: 200 metres

Difficulty: 4.5/10

Details: This cycle is a nice fast no fuss spin from Tralee to Castleisland and back along the N21.

Over the years a good few of the Tralee Clubs take on this route for winter, especially in the dark cold nights as it’s on a good road with a hard shoulder, well lit in places, flatish, as well as making  good time over a good distance.
Castleisland by-pass
On our little Thursday morning group spin we took this one a bit more leisurely, had time for a stop in Castleisland and still managed to be back home for around Mid-day.

So close on 50 km and two and half hours. Happy with that!

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