Walking in the Moonlight and under the Milkyway

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One of the great advantages about living in this part of Ireland is the amount of great walks available throughout Kerry.

I am quite fortunate that a good number of the Chain Gang CC club members are also experienced walkers. So when they are not cycling they love nothing better than a good stroll, hike and in some cases a gallop up and down mountains, along beaches or through the many trails and tracks criss-crossing the County.
Night Sky & North Window (9631038260)
The catch to all this is that the walks are scheduled for a Tuesday night! In all honesty though, when 30 or so seemingly sane people head out to do this there’s a tendency to take note and think, “there might be something to this!”

The truth is….there is! Alright at first it’s actually quite difficult. Walking 15-20 km in the middle of Winter in 3 hours. You do need a good base fitness, you have to expect to rough it a little and buying some half decent walking and rain gear does come in handy, but once you start to go with the flow it’s quite an experience.

Take last nights walk from Cappaclogh near Camp to Castlegregory Village. From a weather perspective it was very calm, fairly clear sky’s and no rain forecast. The Moon was 3/4 full and we had only minimal clouds dancing across the sky.

You begin to enter a different World. One were not too many of us venture into. With modern life, there seems to be reasoning were evening and night time is for dinner, legs up and Television or Computer gazing. These walking experiences take us back in time. We’re discovering our hidden home land, experiencing it all…. literally in a different light. Your sense of sight, hearing. touch and even a 6th sense of anticipation clicks in.
Jalama, Night Sky (8359077006) (2)
To be walking the beaches and seeing the surf lit up by the Moonlight, hearing cows and horses feeding in adjoining fields, the sound of the stream gushing down from the mountain and the silhouette of those same mountains throwing out their jagged shapes against the starlit sky is a sight to behold.

Finally the best show of them all. The clear starlit nights with the Milky way lazily stretching above us and the different constellations of the plough and the great bear looking down on our evening adventure. Thankfully some of the best things in life are for free!

Tuesday’s walk around the Castlegregory area.

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